Demonstrators (WP5)

WP Leader: QIB (UK)
Beneficiaries: JSI (SI), UCD (IE), PMT (CH), EuroFIR (BE), ENEA (IT), UM (NL), NUTRIS (SI), RIVM (NL), WUR (NL), UG (BE), IMDEA (ES), HUA (GR), TUM (DE), GS1 (SI), UoR (UK), BfR (DE), AUTH (GR), FEM (IT), CNR (IT), CAP (RS), LIFE (IT), Nutritics (IE)

Demonstrators will establish, deploy and test three FNS Demonstrators covering Agri-Food (food traceability, food labelling and reformulation, and risk assessment), Nutrition & Lifestyle (food intake and consumer behaviour) and NCDs & the Microbiome (healthy diet for a health microbiome, T2D cohort data risk tool, and diet-food-drug interactions)


  1. Use the Demonstrators to analyse FNS data (existing and emerging), accessed via FNS-Cloud, to showcase potential exploitation in the areas of meal patterns, sustainability, consumer behaviour, product reformulation, etc. for user communities, such as FNS researchers and the food industry
  2. Carry out sophisticated data analysis and interpretation, using FNS-Cloud Services, including: (i) within study data analyses, (ii) integration of multiple data sources, (iii) visualisation to aid interpretation, which will guide development of FNS-Cloud but, importantly, also the analysis framework for FNS data exploitation by user communities.

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