FNS-Cloud has launched a first-generation food cloud by federating existing and emerging datasets to help solve current fragmentation. To demonstrate integration achieved by FNS-Cloud Beneficiaries, existing data, tools, and services have been improved, whilst new resources have been generated. Further, three demonstrators showcase how newly developed or improved resources can be used in a research context.

DEMO 1 : Agri-Food

Agri-Food explored three research areas, namely agri-food chains using three examples (fish, olive oil, and dairy), food labelling data and reformulation, and total diet studies (TDS), risk assessment, and occurrence visualisation.

DEMO 2 : Nutrition and Lifestyle

Nutrition and Lifestyle considered (food) intake and consumer behaviour in different populations, and how these data can be merged to obtain high-quality datasets. 

Food Intake and Lifestyle

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DEMO 3 : NCDs and the Microbiome

NCDs and the Microbiome investigated diets for healthy microbiomes, type 2 diabetes (T2D) and hypertension (HPN) risk and personalised dietary and lifestyle support, and an alert classification system for food-diet-drug interactions and furthering understanding of the mechanisms of action involved. 

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