FoodBase corpus: a new resource of annotated food entities

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Trends in the Use of Low and No-Calorie Sweeteners in Non-Alcoholic Beverages in Slovenia

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FoodEx2vec: New foods’ representation for advanced food data analysis

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A Survey of Named-Entity Recognition Methods for Food Information Extraction

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COVID-19 pandemic changes the food consumption patterns

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FoodViz: visualization of food entities linked across different standards

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Diets, nutrients, genes and the microbiome: Recent advances in personalised nutrition

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Exploring Knowledge Domain Bias on a Prediction Task for Food and Nutrition Data

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Improving pesticide uptake modeling into potatoes: Considering tuber growth dynamics

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Applications of Wild Isolates of Saccharomyces Yeast for Industrial Fermentation: The Gut of Social Insects as Niche for Yeast Hybrids’ Production

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Deliverables (Public only)

Posters & Presentations

The food nutrition security cloud in Europe

2020| |5th IMEKOFOODS – online

Open data in the context of FNS-Cloud and METROFOOD-RI

2020 | 5th IMEKOFOODS | online

Toward improved semantic annotation of food and nutrition data

2020 | 23rd International Multiconference Information Society – Data mining and Data Warehouses

Exploring a standardized language for describing foods using embedding techniques

2020 | IEEE Big Data 2029 | Atlanta – US

Using deep learning for food and beverage image recognition

2019 | IEEE Big Data 2029 | Los Angeles – US

Food Nutrition Security Cloud: Standardisation & Interoperability Changes

2019 | IEEE Big Data 2029 | Los Angeles – US

FoodIE: A Rule-based Named-entity Recognition Method for Food Information Extraction

2019 | Proc. 2019 ICPRAM |Prague – CZ

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