to FNS-Cloud

Who are we?

The consortium brings together the necessary competences and expertise to development, test and launch FNS-Cloud Services.

  • Scientists from the agri-food, nutrition, and health domains, ensuring a food systems approach
  • Communication experts with considerable reach globally as well as specialists in education and training for professionals
  • Existing FNS datasets, tools, and software
  • Knowledge from previous EU- and nationally-funded projects, and links with established ESFRI Research Infrastructures
  • ICT and data specialists with experience of cloud methodologies and food systems, big data analysis and modelling

More details


FNS-Cloud aims to develop an infrastructure and services to exploit food, nutrition and security data (data, knowledge, tools – resources) for a range of purposes, and integrate with the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). 

Also, because these domains lack resources for data management and predictive modelling, FNS-Cloud will foster development of these advanced methods for better understanding and exploitation, benefiting European citizens and adding-value to previous publicly funded research. 


Improving access

Existing FNS resources (data, knowledge and tools) and Services are fragmented, lack critical mass, and access by user communities is unevenly distributed. FNS-Cloud will address these issues by launching a first-generation ‘Food Cloud’, as an integral part of the EOSC.


Each of these bodies and individuals has clearly defined roles and responsibilities. The General Assembly is the ultimate decision-making body of FNS-Cloud whilst the Executive Board is the operational management body, responsible for efficient implementation, and is chaired by the representative of the coordinator, Stephen Webb. Paul Finglas is responsible for the scientific ambitions of the project. 

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