Data and computer services for the food sector | FNS-Cloud workshop (Prague, CZ)

Data and computer services for the food sector

FNS-Cloud aims to overcome European research infrastructure fragmentation by federating food nutrition security (FNS) data, tools, and services (resources) essential for addressing diet, health, and consumer behaviour as well as on sustainable agriculture and the bioeconomy. The implemented cloud solution (FNS Cloud, no hyphen) will promote FAIRification of FNS resources and support exploitation by user communities. Sustainability of FNS Cloud (solution) will be achieved largely through added value, linking existing and emerging research infrastructures as well as data, tools, and services. FNS Cloud comprises a webservice, linking resources and delivering Services via a user interface, regardless of location. However, whilst FNS-Cloud (project) assets (datasets, tools, and services) have been built with interoperability in mind, the majority of FNS resources across the EU have developed separately, often organically, making mapping, merging, and exploitation challenging both technically and in terms of the research questions that can be posed and answered. The session will brought together representatives from EuroFIR, METROFOOD, Blue Cloud, COMFOCUS, Elixir, ECRIN, FNHRI, EOSC to explore future FAIRification of food sector data, tools and services.

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