Work-based Learning (WBL)

WP Leader: UWTSD (UK)

Why work-based learning?

Work-based learning is the most effective educational and training strategy for learning and innovation within professional fields. Instead of individuals being passive receivers of information, in WBL individuals use guided and supervised enquiries into real-life ‘messy’ issues to develop academic, professional and technical skills whilst creating simultaneously new knowledge in the application of theory into practice. This kind of learning is highly contextualised, creating real outputs in terms of procedural knowledge and managing insights and outcomes.

FNS-Cloud will use a combination of work-based and social learning to develop and increase users’ confidence in exploiting FNS-Cloud effectively.

How does FNS-Cloud WBL work?

Within FNS-Cloud, there is an allocation for 32 work-based learning visits/ activities. These visits/ activities can cover any action(s) that enhances professional practice, FNS research or skills in a way that contributes to the project. Examples include development of new research skills, mentoring, specialised application of protocols and technical aspects of research, but also include activities that enhance dissemination of research and/ or the research leadership of individuals.

Staff and graduate students at FNS-Cloud Beneficiaries will be able to bid for funds to support visits to and work in centres of excellence. 

More information

Visits can be between a few days and four months.

Calls for applications will be on an annual basis, and funds will be granted on a competitive basis with the criteria being:

  1. Clarity of purpose
  2. Contribution to FNS-Cloud Deliverable(s)
  3. Contribution to professional development

Calls for WBL applications

2020 | 14.02.2020-14.03.2020 | CLOSED

Call for WBL Competitive Grants

Only FNS-Cloud Consortium staff and students are eligible for the WBL Scheme; do not apply if your organisation is not part of the consortium.


Need help with your application?


Contact Lowri Harris for help with your application
Contact Siân Astley for help with technical issues

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