Community of Practice

Community of Practice

In June 2020, we launched the FNS-Cloud Community of Practice (CoP) for Beneficiaries’ staff and students. Ultimately, we aim to open myFNSCloud to all FNS researchers and ICT specialists, as it develops and user confidence grows. The purpose of myFNSCloud is to facilitate links amongst researchers and specialists, facilitating links and share information, as well as providing opportunities to ask for help and develop best practice together, to ensure lasting impact of FNS-Cloud.

Seamlessly connecting FNS-Cloud researchers and ICT specialists

Communities of Practice (CoPs) are defined as organised groups of people who share similar interests in an issue, improving skills and learning from one another’s’ knowledge and experiences.

visit myfnscloud

myFNSCloud features:

  1. News
  2. Members’ profiles
  3. Discussion rooms
  4. Forums and blogs
  5. Events and opportunities
  6. Document repository
  7. Direct (private) messaging

Staff or students at FNS-Cloud Beneficiaries who have not received an invitation to the join myfnscloud should contact Lowri Harris.

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