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The FNS-Cloud project is developing the Community of Practice myFNSCloud, an online professional learning framework, where researchers can share insights, ask for help, and develop practical skills and knowledge.

The purpose of myFNSCloud is to facilitate links amongst researchers and specialists, facilitating links and share information, as well as providing opportunities to ask for help and develop best practice together, to ensure lasting impact of FNS-Cloud.

Multiple disciplinary working for a shared goal: Education, community and patience (pwpt presentation)

Communities of Practice (CoPs) are defined as organised groups of people who share similar interests in an issue, improving skills and learning from one another’s’ knowledge and experiences.

myFNSCloud features:

  1. News
  2. Members’ profiles
  3. Discussion rooms
  4. Forums and blogs
  5. Events and opportunities
  6. Document repository
  7. Direct (private) messaging

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