• 36th EFFoST International Conference 2022 | Shaping the Production of Sustainable, Healthy Foods for the Future

    CHAIR: Siân Astley (EuroFIR, BE)

    Special Session: How to make food nutrition security data FAIRer: An introduction to FNS-Cloud | 9th November 2022, 09:00 Dublin/GMT

    Open Science is based on transparent and collaborative working, producing and sharing data, knowledge, tools, and services (resources) as early as possible in the research process. Existing food nutrition security resources across Europe are fragmented, lack critical mass, and access is unevenly distributed with the majority unfindable or inaccessible because of cost. Food Nutrition Security Cloud is developing the first-generation ‘food cloud’ by federating existing and emerging resources and developing and integrating services to support re-use through the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). This session will introduce FNS-Cloud and explore how FNS-Cloud is bringing independent activities together under three demonstrators, specifically Agri-food data and tools (DEM01), Nutrition & Lifestyle (DEM02), and Non-communicable diseases and microbiome (DEM03). In September 2023, FNS-Cloud will launch these demonstrators and advance ICT tools and services, facilitating better FNS research and exploitation of knowledge as well as delivering training and support to boost confidence and build capacity amongst user communities.
  • Paul Finglas (QIB, UK)

    Food Nutrition Security Cloud (FNS-Cloud)

  • Igor Pravst (NUTRIS, SI),

    Branded food composition databases: How and why to collect data?

  • Eileen Gibney (UCD, IE)

    Challenges and solutions; Fairification of Food & Health Data

  • Maria Traka (QIB, UK)

    Making diet & microbiome data FAIR

  • Enrique Carillo de Santa Paul (IMDEA Food Institute, ES)

    FOODRUGS, integrating public data repositories to explore food-drug interactions


  • EGI Conference 2022 | Together for Tomorrow – Innovative Computing for Research

    Data and computer services for the food sector | FNS-Cloud workshop (Prague, CZ)
    21st September 2022, 15:30 CEST

    FNS-Cloud aims to overcome European research infrastructure fragmentation by federating food nutrition security (FNS) data, tools, and services (resources) essential for addressing diet, health, and consumer behaviour as well as on sustainable agriculture and the bioeconomy. The implemented cloud solution (FNS Cloud, no hyphen) will promote FAIRification of FNS resources and support exploitation by user communities. Sustainability of FNS Cloud (solution) will be achieved largely through added value, linking existing and emerging research infrastructures as well as data, tools, and services. FNS Cloud comprises a webservice, linking resources and delivering Services via a user interface, regardless of location. However, whilst FNS-Cloud (project) assets (datasets, tools, and services) have been built with interoperability in mind, the majority of FNS resources across the EU have developed separately, often organically, making mapping, merging, and exploitation challenging both technically and in terms of the research questions that can be posed and answered. The session will brought together representatives from EuroFIR, METROFOOD, Blue Cloud, COMFOCUS, Elixir, ECRIN, FNHRI, EOSC to explore future FAIRification of food sector data, tools and services.
  • Mark Dietrich, Senior Advisor, EGI Foundation

    Service and Semantic Interoperability in EOSC

  • Eileen Gibney, Professor, UCD (IE)

    Challenges and solutions; Fairification of Food & Health Data

  • Duncan Ng (QIB, UK)

    FNS-Cloud Microbiome Demonstrator: The FAIRification of diet & microbiome data

  • Barbara Koroušić Seljak, Professor, JSI (SI)

  • Siân Astley, Senior Researcher, EuroFIR (BE) for Claudia Zoani, Researcher, ENEA (IT)

  • Anton Ellenbroek, Fisheries Projects Development Consultant, FAO (IT)


  • 35th EFFoST International Conference 2021 | Healthy individuals, resilient communities, and global food security

    Open Science Taster | FNS-Cloud workshop
    3rd November 2021, 16:20 CET

    This workshop introduced the pillars of Open Science, while focusing on open data and open access publishing for food and nutrition scientists. It was lead by: Katherine Flynn (ISEKI-Food Association, AT) and Edward Sliwinski (EFFoST, NL). 

  • Topics included: (i) why open science is important, (ii) components making up open science, (iii) how research can be made more open and FAIR, (iv) practical advantages of open science for scientific careers, funding opportunities, and society, and (v) EOSC and the FNS-Cloud activities.

    All participants agreed their basic knowledge about open science was satisfactory after the workshop; before the workshop only one participant claimed satisfactory understanding open science. The strong interactive character of the workshop was highly appreciated with participants saying, “role play and debate“, “discussions and roundtables” and “interactive sessions” were their favourite parts. Nine delegates attended the workshop, seven of whom completed the evaluation and earned FNS-Cloud certification

    We are now preparing for the 2022 workshops, starting at the EuroFIR Food Forum (06.04.2022) in Brussels (BE).

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