Learn more about FNSCloud

Learn more about FNSCloud

Easy deployment

FNS Catalogue can be searched without an account. To submit data, tools, or services, users must create a free account and submit meta-data and FAIR assessment. Once approved by the FNS Cloud Data Management Committee resources are listed in the FNS Catalogue.


FNS  Cloud catalogues lead to resources created by FNS-Cloud, but they also help to find to FAIR datasets, tools, services, and educational materials, submitted by all user.


FNSCloud catalogues are designed to help make resources findable and support improved accessibility, interoperability, and re-usability. We want to promote open science amongst users communities. 


Many resources created by FNS-Cloud are accessible using the FNSCloud login. FNSCloud has a bespoke authentication and authorisation infrastructure (AAI). No need to created multiple accounts and logins for different websites and tools!


Most of the tools created by FNS-Cloud are for scientists, but some have been designed for consumers too. For FNS researcher, FNS-Cloud offers Foodbook24, eNutriApp, Was Ich Esse 65+, and FooDrug, amongst others. The public can use FoodMagnifier to check substances in food, and perform risk calculations and receive personalised recommendations in T2D and HTN tools.


Our goal was to include topics concerning food nutrition and security from agri-food through nutrition and lifestyle to healthy and disease.

Cloud storage

FNS-Cloud’s main objective was to launch a ‘food cloud’ bringing together existing and emerging food nutrition and security data, tools, and services for all user communities. The first-generation ‘food cloud’ service is aligned with EOSC (European Open Science Cloud) to simplify access and movement between these initiatives in the future.

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