Use cases (WP4)

WP Leader: UCD (IE)
Beneficiaries: QIB (UK), JSI (SI), PMT (CH), EuroFIR (BE), ENEA (IT), HYLO (IT), UM (NL), NUTRIS (SI), RIVM (NL), WUR (NL), UG (BE), IMDEA (ES), HUA (GR), TUM (DE), GS1 (SI), UoR (UK), BfR (DE), AUTH (GR), FEM (IT), CNR (IT), CAP (RS), LIFE (IT), Nutritics (IE)

Use Cases is the largest and most complex work package of the project and involves most beneficiaries, and will identify, collect and harmonise existing and emerging FNS data, facilitate creation of the FNS-Cloud (with WP2: Preparation of FNS-Cloud) and Services (with WP3: FNS data standardisation and interoperability), before feeding validated datasets, tools and Services to WP5: Demonstrators 


  1. Develop a cloud-based software application to support food authenticity, safety, and origin coupled with metrological traceability data, and demonstrate functionality of this search engine
  2. Demonstrate that crowdsourcing as an efficient, effective, and low-cost method for generating good quality labelling data, food ingredients, packaging information, and other attributes
  3. Develop and test user-directed software for combined exposure assessment to multiple chemicals
  4. Deliver a dietary intake and consumer behaviour data mapping strategy and tool
  5. Conduct proof-of-principle ‘field labs’ using novel digital dietary intake and consumer behaviour tools in diverse population groups, and generate microbiome and metabolic data
  6. Provide a centralised information portal for food-diet-drug interactions

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