Sustainability & governance (WP8)

WP Leader: JdlC (ES)
Beneficiaries: RTDS (AT), QIB (UK), JSI (SI), UCD (IE), PMT (CH), EuroFIR (BE), UWTSD (UK), ENEA (IT), Hyve (NL), HYLO (IT), NUTRIS (SI), RIVM (NL), IMDEA (ES), HUA (GR), GS1 (SI), SF (BG), IFA (AT), CAP (RS), LIFE (IT), EFF (NL)

Sustainability and governance will develop a sustainable Open Science and Open Innovation governance framework, and sustainable business model, for FNS-Cloud in accordance with EU requirements and needs of the project and user communities. The proposed structure and resulting documents will guide design of software underpinning FNS-Cloud architecture and integration, specifically governance, operations, and sustainability, and be adapted for daily working methodologies.


  1. Design in advance a sustainable structure (i.e. future generations shall have access to the same or better resources as those the present generation enjoys) based on relevance and utility of FNS-Cloud
  2. Develop a governance operative model focused on balance amongst society, market and public institutions, with respect to ethical values, knowledge creation, structured in practices, proceedings, and responsibilities, as required by Open Science and Open Innovation
  3. Support selection and adaption of good practices for building and managing (e.g. hosting, sharing, integration) FNS-Cloud and operational activities related to the cycle of information to assure FAIR principles
  4. Devise and develop an economically sustainable post-project FNS-Cloud business model and related agreement(s), confirming key value propositions, target markets and segments, supply chains, and revenue streams, based on market feedback and best business practices.  

Food Nutrition Security Cloud (FNS-Cloud) has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme (H2020-EU. – A sustainable and competitive agri-food industry) under Grant Agreement No. 863059. Information and views set out across this website are those of the Consortium and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion or position of the European Union. Neither European Union institutions and bodies nor any person acting on their behalf may be held responsible for the use that may be made of the information contained herein.

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