Preparation of FNS-Cloud (WP2)

WP Leader: PMT (CH)
Beneficiaries: QIB (UK), JSI (SI), EuroFIR (BE), DTU (DK), ENEA (IT), Hyve (NL), UM (NL), RIVM (NL), WUR (NL), CAP (RS)

Preparation of FNS-Cloud will implement core (technical) FNS-Cloud components, so FNS data are findable and accessible; WP3 will address interoperability and re-use.


  1. Create comprehensive guidelines/ recommendations for data models and application programming interfaces (APIs) for data exchange
  2. Catalogue (itemise and index) FNS data sources and Services, core components of FNS-Cloud, and provide search functionalities
  3. Provide storage for FNS data that otherwise are not accessible
  4. Implement FNS-Cloud authentication and authorisation mechanisms for users, leveraging existing EOSC Services, wherever possible
  5. Integrate FNS-Cloud with existing research infrastructures (RIs) and platforms, enabling exchange of FNS data via FNS-Cloud.

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