FNS data standardisation and interoperability

WP Leader: JSI (SI)

Beneficiaries: QIB (UK), PMT (CH), JdlC (ES), EuroFIR (BE), DTU (DK), Hyve (NL), UM (NL), GS1 (SI), SF (BG), CAP (RS), UniFi (IT)


Define advanced methodologies for handling heterogeneous FNS data, specifically
  1. Prepare and integrate FNS data from a variety of sources for analysis, visualisation, etc.
  2. Develop technical services for mapping FNS data to research questions via search/ filter criteria
  3. Enable pre-processing of semi-structured and unstructured FNS data
  4. Allow curation and annotation FNS data with rich descriptors
  5. Facilitate matching of FNS data that are described and classified in different ways
  6. Support analysis and visualisation of FNS data

Benefits for FNS-Cloud users

Benefits for users

Advanced methodologies offered by FNS-Cloud will help users upload and integrate FNS data with other information and present their findings.

Some of the tools and services be developed by FNS-Cloud whilst others will come from other projects (e.g. ENPADASI, EuroDISH, GA4GH, ISO-FOOD, REACH-4-USEtox, RICHFIELDS), ESFRI Research Infrastructures (BBMRI ERIC, ELIXIR Europe, PRO-METROFOOD) and providers, such as EuroFIR AISBL, Quisper ASBL and NuGO.


20 February 2020 | By invitation

Food and nutrition ontologies

Aim: discuss state-of-the-art in food and nutrition ontologies and the priorities for FNS-Cloud

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