Education, training & support (WP7)

WP Leader: UWTSD (UK)
Beneficiaries: QIB (UK), JSI (SI), UCD (IE), PMT (CH), EuroFIR (BE), ENEA (IT), Hyve (NL), UM (NL), NUTRIS (SI), RIVM (NL), IMDEA (ES), IFA (AT), ILSI (BE), CNR (IT), UniFi (IT), EFF (NL)

Work-based learning is the most effective educational and training strategy for learning and innovation within professional fields and uses guided and supervised enquiries into real-life ‘messy’ issues to develop academic, professional and technical skills whilst simultaneously creating new knowledge in the application of theory into practice. This kind of learning is highly contextualised, creating real outputs in terms of procedural knowledge and managing insights and outcomes. Thus, Education, training and support will use a combination of work-based and social learning to develop and increase user confidence in exploiting FNS data effectively.  


  1. Create and launch an FNS-Cloud Community of Practice (CoP) and a repository populated with elearning and social media designs and tools
  2. Develop sustainable method(s) for capturing knowledge created in routine use of FNS-Cloud, so it is accessible and user-friendly for the CoP and new users
  3. Provide a rolling programme of work-based learning, skill-based training, knowledge-based education and practical support (helpdesk), building capacity amongst food and nutrition security (FNS) individuals and communities, leading to improved professional practice, increased awareness of the benefit of open research data, and exploitation of food research data resources.  

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